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Shklov Regional Executive Committee
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27 December 2022

Sports ministry comments on Belarus' preparations for CIS Games 2023

The CIS Executive Committee hosted a meeting of the working group in Minsk on 27 December to discuss the preparations for the Second CIS Games in Belarus in 2023, BelTA has learned.

“The agenda of the meeting included the draft regulations of the Second CIS Games, which will be held in Belarus in 2023. The Games will run from 4 to 14 August in 11 cities of Belarus. The Games will feature 20 sports. The draft regulations have been sent to the states for preliminary study, At today's meeting we need to work out its final version for the approval of the CIS Council for Physical Education and Sport. I would like to note that this year CIS bodies at all levels paid special attention to the preparation of the CIS Games 2023. For example, at the meeting of the Council for Physical Education and Sport on 22 September the program of the Games was approved at the suggestion of the Belarusian Sports and Tourism Ministry and an invitation of non-CIS teams to the Games was agreed. We are currently working on issues of participation in individual sports of delegations from Mongolia, China, Cuba, Iran, Oman and Saudi Arabia,” said Deputy Chairman of the CIS Executive Committee Beketzhan Zhumakhanov.

According to Mikhail Prokopenko, Head of the National Teams Department of the Belarusian Sports and Tourism Ministry, the main highlight of the games will be its competitions held in all regions of Belarus. “The decision will help the participants of the sporting event to get familiar with the beauty of our country,” he said. In particular, competition events will be hosted by Minsk, Borisov, Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel, Grodno, Zhlobin, Mogilev, Molodechno, Orsha and Soligorsk.

“The opening and closing ceremonies are scheduled for 5-13 August, respectively,” said the head of the department. “We have determined the sports facilities to host the competitions, the accommodation and catering facilities for the participants and the guests and have approved the competition program. We have worked out a control system for the games, which consists of three levels - national, oblast and regional. The draft presidential decree “On the organization of the CIS Games 2023 in the Republic of Belarus” has been developed and is to be approved. The document provides for addressing organizational and other issues not regulated by the current national legislation.”

The cities hosting the sporting events of the games will also offer sightseeing tours. A plan of cultural and tourist events for participants and fans is almost ready. “Work on the preparation for the games continues according to the schedule,” Mikhail Prokopenko said.

The CIS Games 2023 will feature sports delegations from Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Participation of non-CIS countries in this sporting event is also expected.

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