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25 August 2022

Over 7.2m tonnes of grain harvested in Belarus

Belarus' harvest has reached 7.2 million tonnes of grain, BelTA learned from the Agriculture and Food Ministry.

According to the data of the Agriculture and Food Ministry, as of early 25 August grain and leguminous crops (excluding maize, buckwheat and millet) were harvested from 89.4% of the planned area (1.944 million hectares).

Brest Oblast has increased its harvesting area up to 356,600. According to the update information, harvesting in the region was completed on 97.6% of the target (348,000 hectares), 79.2% (285,100 hectares) in Vitebsk Oblast, 91.3% (318,600 hectares) in Gomel Oblast, 89.7% (280,100 hectares) in Grodno Oblast, 91.2% (418,400 hectares) in Minsk Oblast, and 86.9% (293,900 hectares) in Mogilev Oblast.

Belarus threshed 7.236 million tonnes of grain, with the average yield at 37.2 centners per hectare. Last year the average yield at this stage of harvesting was lower, 30.4 centners per hectare.

Agricultural workers have threshed 1,470 tonnes of buckwheat with the average yield at 13.1 centners per hectare, 2,420 tonnes of millet with the average yield standing at 25.9 centners per hectare.

Rapeseed was harvested from 310,800 hectares of land (85.9% of the designated area), with 819,500 tonnes threshed (the average yield stood at 26.4 centners per hectare).

The procurement plan for 2022 will make up 811,400 tonnes of grain.

BelTA – News from Belarus

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