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22 December 2022

Opinion: Belarus, Russia are moving towards common industrial policy

We are moving towards the common industrial policy in the Union State of Belarus and Russia, Director General of the Belarusian elevator manufacturer Mogilevliftmash Sergei Chertkov told BelTA while commenting on the meeting of the presidents of Belarus and Russia, Aleksandr Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin, in Minsk on 19 December.

The presidents attached special attention to promoting economic cooperation and building up trade and economic ties. This is important for the majority of Belarusian and Russian enterprises, including Mogilevliftmash that exports 70% of its output to the Russian market. "In Russia we have three joint ventures, several assembly plants, and more than 70 sales representatives from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok," Sergei Chertkov noted. “Russians know and love our products. We are always welcome there, we speak the same language with Russians in the literal and figurative senses. We have never had problems in the relations. This is our main market and main partner, so we only welcome the deeper integration between the two countries."

According to Sergei Chekhov, choosing the single vector of development by the heads of the two states is more important today than ever. "We live in the Union State, implement joint integration programs and have our eyes on the common industrial policy," he stressed. “For example, a number of foreign manufacturers left Russia, there is a shortage of high-speed elevators. Mogilevliftmash has all the competencies to make this equipment. We can tap into this production together. we find understanding on all these issues in Russia, and this is gratifying. In addition, we buy all the main raw materials, metal in Russia. They are our main suppliers, with whom we have been working for many decades, solving all problems together."

Sergei Chertkov also dwelled on the topic of Western sanctions. In this situation, the friendship of Belarusians and Russians also passed the test of strength: both were ready to lend a helping hand. "The Mogilev enterprise is a full-cycle plant, and we do almost everything ourselves," he said. “We used to import a small share of European equipment. The sanctions did not have any negative effect. We quickly switched to other suppliers from friendly countries. We quickly adjusted and did not stand idle for a day. At the same time, some Russian enterprises, which were more dependent on European suppliers, were struggling. Now we are heading for closer cooperation and offer our products to the Russians for trails. I am sure, deliveries will begin soon."

The director general emphasizes that it was possible to survive, among other things, thanks to the well-coordinated teamwork: people mobilized to overcome all challenges and threats. "Today, together with Russia, we see a shared future and fruitful work, which we have a lot. In Belarus we replaced almost all old elevators. In Russia they need to replace more than 100,000 units. In addition, Russia has not halted the housing construction plans. So we will have enough work for many more years to come,” Sergei Chertkov noted.

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