Reception of the district executive committee

Leninskaya Street, 76
Shklov, Mogilev region 213010
Receiving room:
8 (02239) 3-44-81

Main Social sphere

Social sphere


The educational establishments of the region include a professional lyceum, one boarding school for visually impaired children, a gymnasium, eight secondary schools, seven centers offering vocational training, four basic schools, one elementary school with 3,743 pupils, 14 preschool facilities. All in all, 787 children attend preschool facilities.

Some 2,977 students or 79.5% of the total are enrolled in afterschool and sports centers. Local schools traditionally hold school and regional Olympics, Health Days. The region has won the oblast chess and athletic Olympics several times.

Hot meals are provided free of charge in all rural schools.


The public facilities of the region include:
• One regional and nine rural community centers
• One culture and leisure center
• 12 rural clubs
• two libraries
• a regional central library
• a children’s regional library
• 32 rural libraries
• one children’s art school and its seven branches
• one regional museum of local lore
• Mir cinema
• A mobile library


There are four Orthodox communities, three Roman-Catholic, three Protestant communities and nine churches in the region.

The local authorities have been supporting and cooperating with all the confessions. 

Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism

The region attaches great importance to the development of physical education and sports. There are 27 gyms, three swimming pools, one stadium and 103 sports grounds. This year a roller ski track and a sports center were opened in the village of Alexandria. The latter offers training in 19 sports and activities, including ballroom dance, swimming and tourism.

The region has a children’s sports school specializing in four sports, namely, freestyle wrestling, football, athletics, volleyball. It is attended by 215 students. Five students of the school are included in the national sports teams. The school can boast having trained many masters of sports of Belarus, winners of Belarusian and European championships.

The sports center and Mogilevoblturist organize tours and excursions in the Shklov region.

Social security

The department for labour and social security and the Shklov regional center of social service are responsible for social security of the region’s population.

Some 9,850 people are entitled to pensions and benefits, including 179 participants of the Great Patriotic War, 76 families of servicemen who died in combat, 230 prisoners of war stockades, 220 large families, 593 one-parent families, 103 families with disabled children, 2,073 disabled.

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