Reception of the district executive committee

Leninskaya Street, 76
Shklov, Mogilev region 213010
Receiving room:
8 (02239) 3-44-81

Main Economy


The economy of the Shklov region is represented by:

  • Industrial companies;
  • agribusiness;
  • developed social infrastructure.

Along with processing enterprises that regional towns traditionally have such as:

  • dairy companies;
  • bakeries;
  • groats and cereals companies.

There are enterprises offering:

  • pulp and pasteboard industry products;
  • construction materials;
  • light industry goods;
  • timber industry products.

All in all, the regional industry comprises nine enterprises. The most important of them are Paper Mill Spartak (paper and pasteboard), Shklov Dairy (an extensive choice of whole-milk products). The company has been certified for compliance with the international standard ISO 9001-2001.

In 2006 the region started building a newsprint mill for import-substitution purposes.


The agricultural sector of the region specialises in meat and dairy cattle breeding, grain cultivation.

There are 12 agricultural joint stock companies, three agricultural cooperative societies, two unitary enterprises, companies servicing the agricultural sector such as Shklov vet station, pedigree farm, center supervising seed farming, quarantine and plants protection.

The total area of arable lands is 78,199 hectares, of them 60,817 hectares are farmlands.

In accordance with the state rural revival programme, by 2010 the region is set to have 12 agro-towns. Two of them - Govyady and Slaveni - were built in 2005. In 2006, five agro-towns appeared, namely, Fashchevka, Ordat, Alexandria, Gorodishche and Gorodets.


There are three building companies and one construction and repair firm in the region.

Housing construction is the top priority of the region’s construction policy. The housing stock of the region includes 13,546 residential buildings of the total area of 914,700 square meters. In 2005 alone, the region put in operation 8,800 square meters of housing, including 8,300 square meters in rural areas. In 2006 some 9,100 and 8,500 square meters respectively were commissioned.


The retail trade and public catering of the Shklov region is represented by 191 shops with the total trading area of 11.8 thousand square metres and 45 public catering enterprises able to welcome 2,340 customers. The Shklov Regional Consumers Society is the key trade and public catering enterprise.

Between 2003 and 2007 the region set up 48 shops with the trading area of 502 square metres, 24 public catering establishments of all ownership types for 1,676 customers.


The region’s small business includes 65 juridical persons and 275 individual entrepreneurs, with nine companies and five entrepreneurs engaged in manufacturing, nine companies and over 72% of the entrepreneurs involved in public catering. There are three companies involved in timber processing, two companies engaged in civil engineering. There are also 31 farmers in the region.

Taking into account people hired by individual entrepreneurs, the small business of the region employs over 500 people, which nears 5% of all the jobs in the region.

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